• Full payment is expected UPFRONT via PayPal.

  • If, after one week of delivering you the quote I have still not been paid in full, I have the right to refuse your request.

  • Refunds are only accepted until the inking stage of the project (Inking: Creating the character outlines that will be used in the final product).

  • You must provide the following when requesting work:

  1. Paypal address;

  2. Full name;

  3. Type (avatar, banner, illustration, emote); and

  4. Image reference(s) and description.

  • Completed work will be delivered at its original resolution.

  • Negotiations regarding commission work to be done by email. (Please contact sometinycritter@gmail.com for commission enquiries)


My Rights

  • Unless otherwise negotiated, I own all rights to the work I create. This includes:

  1. Drafts;

  2. Process files and annotations;

  3. Rejected concepts, sketches and designs; and

  4. Source files.

  • I have the right to use and reproduce my creative work for:

  1. Promotional material to advertise my products and services;

  2. Entering in competitions or design publications relating to professional quality and recognition in the design industry; and

  3. Display in my portfolio, which may be used for soliciting work for future clients.

  • I will not draw the following:

  1. Nudity/pornography;

  2. Gore;

  3. Fetish; and

  4. Discrimination of any kind.

  • I have the right to decline any work without providing a reason.


Your Rights

  • Should you wish to upload the completed work I created for you, you must credit me (for example, by providing my username @sometinycritter).

  • Personal information, including your contact details, will be kept confidential.

  • You may not sell my work in the form of products, such as NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens), mugs, shirts etc. without my permission.

  • You may use my work for the purpose it was commissioned for (for example, Twitch emotes may only be used as Twitch emotes and not enamel pins, unless negotiated prior).


*This agreement is based upon the 2014 Client Terms & Conditions Template of AGDA (Australian Graphic Design Association).